by Zareh Hairpetian

To whom it may concern,

A great teacher is someone who properly educated his students with subject material. A great mentor is someone who inspires his students to reach beyond their potential. A great friend is someone who will care for you when you need it most. An exceptional man would live a happy life if he is able to achieve any one of these. Douglas Hill, Ph.D., is beyond the exceptional man.

Dr. Hill has taught over thirty students software programs, circuit design, machinery, 3D fabrication, and many more skills that would be improbable to be taught in a course setting. He will sit with each student project, and remember exactly where he left off, to offer new suggestions and improvements all while working on his own projects. Multiple research laboratories and companies such as Northrop Grumman have come to Dr. Hill seeking assistance or wanting to see the laboratory’s work. Personally, I have been able to master classroom concepts in a fraction of the time now with the laboratory experience.

The laboratory ambience is simply inspiring, founded upon and engendering energy, intelligence, and hard work. My father always reminds me to surround myself with people that are more intelligent than I, and in the research lab I am able to do just that. Dr. Hill sees the potential in each of his assistants and knows their strengths and weaknesses better than most. He is able to use this knowledge to guide us in the right direction before we enter industry.

Apart from the knowledge and inspiration, Dr. Hill is above all a friend. A simple conversation about his work is enough to see the pure joy that comes to his face. Not many professors share that passion for their work, and not many people share that feeling towards others. It is heartwarming to know you are in good hands and with someone who truly cares about you and the work you are doing.

The Technological Evolution Component Center inspires me to achieve more than I have ever dreamed possible. My sincerest recommendation goes out to my teacher, my mentor, my friend, Dr. Douglas Hill.


Zareh Hairapetian